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Monday, July 8, 2019

Over the course of the past 17 years, REV has been dedicated to hosting an annual charity golf tournament that raises money towards The Alberta Children’s Hospital. As a company, we are incredibly pleased at the success of this tournament each year and the people that it brings together for such an incredible cause. In fact, we are beyond proud to announce that our tournament has managed to raise well over $150,000 to date!

There’s no denying that supporting The ACH is something that would be worth anyone’s time, as they are a team of people that goes above and beyond to provide the utmost in excellent care. But have you ever wondered why we chose this specific cause and perhaps the specific meaning it has to REV?

The answer lies in Ray Bartman, one of REV’s founding principles, and his son Nicholas.

Nicholas was born in May of year 2000. About one month in to Nicholas’ life he started to have seizures which brought the Bartman family in for their first visit to the ACH and in to the system at the hospital. Over the next 3 years, Nick would be admitted to the hospital numerous times as the seizures came back and other problems, brought on by his developmental disabilities (pneumonia, lung infections, kidney infections), came on.



In the fall of 2003, a team of specialists were able to determine that surgery and the installation of a feeding tube were required to prevent further health issues. After a day in surgery, and a week of recovery in the hospital, Nick went home to a new and better life.

As time went by, many of Nick’s more serious health issues went away with these changes, but his seizures persisted and his mental and physical development stalled.  

Throughout his time with the ACH, Nicholas received regular care from a variety of departments (Neurology, GI, Neuromuscular and Genetics) but remained without a formal diagnosis. In 2018, following a comprehensive genetic screen, Nick was finally diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called STXBP1.

Over the course of Nick’s life, Ray and his wife spent many nights at the ACH, first in the old hospital and then in the new one when it opened in September 2006. They were always made to feel welcome by each of the clinical teams and always felt that Nick’s health and well-being were treated as top priority.

Nick became a part of the ACH community and many of the doctors, nurses and therapists got to know him on a personal level.

Today, Nicholas at 19 years old remains confined to a wheel chair and relies on 24-hour support for all of his daily needs. Nick has now moved into the adult world, but the family will always miss that special kind of care they received at the ACH.





With this it becomes apparent that The Alberta Children’s Hospital undoubtedly holds a special place in our hearts. We know on a personal level the impact that the team can have, and this is why we continue to give back wherever we can.

Thank you ACH for everything that you do for Albertan families like the Bartman family, and the care you provide on a daily basis. We couldn’t be this strong without you!




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