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5 Questions With Dave Korpess

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

What is your role with REV? How would you describe your role in a few words?

In my role as Electrical Engineering Lead I ensure that all our manufactured electrical products, field service installations and engineering studies follow all appropriate electrical codes, standards and industry best practices. 


What is your favorite thing about your role and working in this industry?

There is always something new to learn – I get to work with the latest technology for new equipment installations but also need to remain knowledgeable dealing with equipment that has remained in service over the past several decades whenever REV is planning a retrofit or modernization project for one of our clients.


What would you say is your most special skill in this line of work?

My experience in the electrical industry has allowed me to develop a good skill set to "put all the pieces together" so that I can design solutions that meet or exceed requirements AND are easy to service and maintain for the future. The design experience I've gained on mining projects and the time I've spent working at a remote mining camp give me a great advantage in helping REV deliver outstanding projects for our clients.


Has there been a particular moment/event that has stood out to you in your time with REV?

Working the occasional electrical maintenance shutdown has been a good way to ensure that I'm getting exposed to a lot of variety on the job!  One particular time I recall REV had a job to retrofit new breakers into existing low voltage switchgear and I was twisted up and contorted inside a switchgear cell helping to move the new breaker in place so we could bolt everything together.


What is an interesting fact about you?

I grew up in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan – and enjoyed all the outdoor activities at the numerous lakes and parks nearby.  Since moving from Sask. to Calgary I've thoroughly enjoyed the outdoors with the mountains and all the spin-off activities that they offer.

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